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Mozambique Red Cross Society


Information about the National Society

Founded: 1981
Recognised by RC/RC Movement: 1988
Members: 70,000
Volunteers: 4,400
Salaried employees: 211


  • Disaster preparedness and response
    The Mozambique Red Cross Society (CVM) provides support to communities in order to reduce their vulnerability to disasters and strengthen their response capacity. This involves training volunteers who are ready to respond, pre-positioning stocks of provisions for 5,500 families, and working with the Mozambican authorities.
  • HIV / AIDS
    CVM works with communities on the theme of HIV not just to inform and protect the population, but also to improve the quality of life for those carrying the virus.
  • Water and sanitation
    Awareness-raising programmes aim to improve the hygiene conditions of vulnerable communities by promoting basic health care and first aid. It operates through various actions such as restoring access to clean water, sanitation, latrine-building, and hygiene education.
  • Social welfare
    Social programmes are aimed at alleviating the problems of the most vulnerable, including children, the disabled and the elderly, by strengthening their own abilities and access to basic services. Project example: opening centres in Maputo and Beira for children in difficult circumstances. CVM provides day-to-day support to children by distributing food, assisting reintegration, tutoring, or organising sports activities.
  • Landmine awareness and victim assistance
    CVM runs a landmine public awareness programme. CVM is also involved in providing assistance to victims to improve their access to healthcare.

Contact information

Address: 284, Avenue Agostinho Neto
PO Box 2986 – Maputo - Mozambique
Phone: + 258 149 7721
Fax: + 258 149 7725


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