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On the road with Timoun’s Caravan to teach as many people as possible about saving lives and disaster preparedness

[28 July 2015]


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Timoun, the popular tortoise who embodies the Paré pas Paré project ‘Get ready for natural disaster risks in Reunion’, will be out and about meeting the island’s population between 19th July and 16th August 2015. For its first edition, Timoun’s Caravan will make a stop in 7 different communities to meet the locals. As well as the standard introduction to first aid, the PIROI (Indian Ocean Regional Intervention Platform) and Reunion’s Red Cross Regional Delegation will also discuss risk reduction and raise awareness of natural disaster risks. The same is true whether it’s a household incident or a disaster, whether natural or technological: we don’t know much about risks and are underprepared to respond to emergency circumstances.

Young and old of any age will be welcome to visit Timoun’s Caravan. Various workshops will entertain, allowing visitors to receive an introduction to first aid as well as finding out how to respond in an exceptional emergency situations.

The following activities will be available at the caravan stops, which will include Plaine des Palmistes, Saint-André, Sainte-Suzanne, Sainte-Marie, Saint-Denis, Saint-Paul, Saint-Gilles-les-bains, and Saint-Pierre.

  • Introduction to ‘Notify, Massage, Defibrillate’ Simple but vital actions that can be learnt easily, enabling everybody to save a loved one’s life whilst waiting for the emergency services. The French Red Cross’s volunteer trainers will teach anyone - young or old - straightforward but essential first aid such as the recovery position or heart massage with automatic defibrillation.
  • Introduction to Risk Reduction This introduction raises public awareness of the need to prepare for disaster risks in order to better manage the consequences. From the first steps to be taken, to discovering the ‘Catakit’ (a unique survival kit designed by the French Red Cross), this introduction covers the three phases of a disaster: preparation, immediate response while waiting for the emergency services, and return to normality.
  • Raising awareness of natural disaster risks - Paré pas Paré Reunion Island is the department of France most exposed to natural risks. The activity stands of the Paré pas Paré project, personified by Timoun the tortoise, offer fun learning activities (‘Local risks’ board game, happy families card game, stories etc.) allowing people of all ages to learn about the 7 natural hazards present in Reunion, as well as the safety precautions to follow before, during, and after a disaster.

The Caravan’s route From 19th July to 16th August, the Caravan will visit 8 towns in Reunion.

  • 19th July: Plaine des Palmistes, Place de la Mairie (Town Hall square)
  • 22nd July: Saint-André, Colosse Park
  • 26th July: Sainte-Suzanne, Le Bocage
  • 29th July: Sainte-Marie, Duparc shopping centre
  • 1st & 2nd August: Saint-Denis, Barachois
  • 7th August: Saint-Paul, Quai Gilbert
  • 8th & 9th August: Saint-Gilles-les-bains, Ermitage beach
  • 16th August: Saint-Pierre, Les jardins de la plage (beach gardens)
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