Paré pas Paré : Educational kit

The Paré pas Paré project has a large collection of regularly updated resources. 

For schools

Teacher's booklet

It summarises the information to be taught to the children, and includes the teaching schedule for each session. 

Pupil's booklet

It summarises the information on natural hazards, session by session.

Extra material for video projection

Lesson plans, exercises, tips, and comic strips that can be projected onto a screen to help teach pupils about the risks.


Intended for 9- to 11-year-old pupils, it contains exercises to be done by the pupil alone, complementing the work done in class.

For public events

A series of posters

Featuring guidelines for preventing each type of risk, presented as a comic strip. 

The "Make your own model" tutorial

Helps children make models showing natural risks.  

The board of the "Risk Peï" ("local risks)

A board game that depicts Reunion Island: each square is linked to a question related to the island’s context, and deals with the natural environment, risks, means of protection, natural disasters in the past, etc. 

The happy family game

The happy family game has been adapted to the seven natural hazards present in Reunion. Each family is made up of six cards illustrating guidelines for prevention and protection. The game is a fun way to memorise them!  

The "fortune teller" outreach game

This game raises awareness amongst young people in Reunion through riddles.

Incollable ("unbeatable")

This game is a swatchbook of questions & answers in the form of quizzes for children and their parents. 


Pens, magnets, stickers… They are distributed during public outreach events, and are a handy reminder of prevention guidelines and emergency phone numbers