Advocacy for the integration of natural and health disaster risk

Advocacy for the integration of natural and health disaster risk management and the effects of climate change in national and international state policy is a major component of the PIROI programme. The platform maintains a special relationship with the Indian Ocean Commission, which facilitates dialogue with governments on risk management issues.

As such, PIROI has led advocacy for the establishment of national legal frameworks for disaster risk management. Thanks to this advocacy, Seychelles (in 2014) and Mauritius (in 2016) have already adopted laws, rules and principles to manage disasters.[1] A process is also well underway in Madagascar to update the country’s legal framework.

The National Societies of PIROI also advocate for disaster risk reduction to become a national priority, especially by prevention through raising children’s awareness.

As such, partnerships are established between the Red Cross and Ministries of Education in order to make risk education a priority under the national curriculum.

In its mission to promote disaster risk management and the fight against the impacts of climate change, PIROI relies on an extensive network of partners who are institutional (IOC, states, local government, donors), operational (EMZPCOI, FAZSOI, ARS-OI, DEAL, BRGM, Météo France, OVPF, ONF, SEAS-OI, AGORAH, hospital, etc.), but also from the private sector (CISE, Veolia, Avenir Logistique, etc.). It brings them together regularly for events dedicated to promoting risk management.

[1]“International Disaster Response Law”