Supporting the Rodrigues community of Port-Sud-Est in strengthening its resilience

From 14 to 19 September, Mauritius Red Cross and its Rodrigues branch worked with the local community of Port-Sud-Est to increase its resilience to natural disasters.     PIROI supports the Indian Ocean National Societies in implementing Vulnerability Capacity...

Regional training course in Madagascar on core cash transfer skills

  Distributing money in the form of cash or vouchers is now recognised as an effective tool to help affected populations recover from the aftermath of a natural disaster or in certain emergency situations. Local shops and markets often re-open promptly...

Very positive results for the Dengue nout’ fami Lé Paré* project

As Reunion has been experiencing a dengue epidemic since early 2018, the island’s Prefecture asked PIROI to help raise awareness of the disease amongst the local population, hoping to avoid an acceleration of the outbreak. The Paré pas Paré project team thus decided...

Comoros emergency: Comoros Red Crescent volunteer Younoussa shares his story

Ngazidja is a volcanic island in the Comoros, an archipelago located in the Mozambique Canal. On the night of 24 April, this little-known island of the Indian Ocean was hit by Intense Tropical Cyclone Kenneth: the cyclone’s eye passed only 50 km off the...



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