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Recherche logoThe aim of developing research at the PIROI Center is not to create an academically-focused centre but rather a research facility for disaster risk management and the fight against the impact of climate change. The research goals of the PIROI Center are achieved through three operational strategies:

  • Transmission of knowledge produced by the research community for the benefit of both local populations and risk professionals, sharing it through conferences, seminars, and publications;
  • PIROI’s areas of operation are working fields for researchers in both ‘hard sciences’, and ‘soft sciences’ such as social science. For example PIROI has teamed up with the University of Reunion’s Laboratory of the Atmosphere and Cyclones (‘LaCy’) Joint Research Unit to test intra-seasonal forecasting tools.
  • Working with its partners the PIROI Center is also undertaking specialised research on subjects of specific interest to it (e.g. anthropology of disasters, panic dynamics during extreme events, etc.). In particular, an agreement with the French Red Cross Foundation has made it possible to develop research, expertise, and training at regional level.


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