French Red Cross Delegation in the Comoros

The French Red Cross (FRC) has been present in the Union of the Comoros since 2000 implementing programmes to prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies caused by natural disasters and health crises. In 2016, the French Red Cross reopened a delegation in the Union of the Comoros to design and deploy a programme to strengthen the Comoros’ public healthcare system and to build the capacity of the country’s Ministry for Health. Since then, several projects focusing on health and combating gender-based violence have been carried out.

It has supported Comoros Red Crescent (CoRC) – a PIROI member – during disasters such as the cholera epidemics of 2002 and 2007, the crash of Yemenia Flight 626 in 2009, flooding in 2003 and 2012, and Cyclone Hellen in 2014.

Opération Kenneth Comores

In addition to these projects, the FRC assisted the Comoros Red Crescent (CoRC) during emergencies and disasters such as the electoral crisis in March 2019, Cyclone Kenneth in April 2019, and the COVID-19 epidemic.


The French Red Cross in the Comoros is mainly active in two areas:



Combating gender-based violence: improving care for victims of GBV and building the capacity of local civil society organisations to prevent, protect, and support them.

Epidemiological surveillance and control: FRC works with regional health departments, to raise awareness and curb transmission through infection prevention and control (PCI) as well as community engagement. It also participates with CoRC and institutional partners in facilitating communication about vaccine-preventable diseases. Lastly, it provides logistical and staffing support to establish and operate vaccination sites.

Ongoing projects

> Improving the welfare of women and young people by preventing and dealing with violence through their involvement in Comorian communities

  • Date: (11/2022 – 11/2023)
  • Location: Foumbouni, Fomboni, and Mutsamudu health districts
  • 42,252 beneficiaries

> Supporting national coordination to improve immunisation coverage, focusing on COVID-19 vaccines in the Union of the Comoros

  • Date: (01/2023 – 12/2023)
  • Location: Regions of Ngazidja, Ndzouani, and Mwali
  • 121,111 beneficiaries


The Union of the Comoros is an Indian Ocean archipelago lying at the northern entrance of the Mozambique Channel between Madagascar and Mozambique, and consisting of three islands: Ngazidja, Mwali, and Ndzuani (also known respectively as Grande Comore, Mohéli, and Anjouan). The Comoros’ capital, Moroni, is located on the island of Grande Comore. 

The country is particularly vulnerable to natural risks, which affect the archipelago’s most densely populated areas, causing serious loss of life and property. These risks have a direct impact on public health. Meanwhile, the healthcare system in the Comoros is facing difficulties related to medical and paramedical human resources, institutional capacity, and state funding, all of which hamper its ability to respond.

Contact information:

Address: French Red Cross Delegation, Cap 2000, Moroni – Union of the Comoros

Phone: +269 359 26 67