French Red Cross

Information about the National Society

Founded: 1864
Recognised by the RC/RC Movement: 1864
Volunteers: 70 000
Salaried employees: 18 000

The French Red Cross (FRC) consists of 70,000 volunteers and 18,000 employees throughout French territory. As an auxiliary to the public authorities in its humanitarian missions, the FRC strives relentlessly to relieve human suffering.

The French Red Cross is PIROI’s governance structure; the latter depends directly on the FRC’s International Relations and Operations department.

The French Red Cross is also a member of PIROI, who work directly on an operational basis with the FRC delegations of Reunion and Mayotte.


The French Red Cross, 5 core sectors

  • Emergencies and first aid
  • Social welfare
  • Training
  • Health
  • International work

Mission of the French Red Cross
The French Red Cross is an independent association that works alongside the public authorities. Registered under the French association law of 1901, FRC has been recognised as of public interest since 1945. In its auxiliary role to the public authorities FRC:

  • Assists in the event of public calamities.
  • Undertakes relief missions with the public authorities in exceptional situations that require significant human and logistic resources.
  • Mediates between assisted individuals and relevant Government departments, municipalities and specialised agencies.

The French Red Cross is present throughout France
The French Red Cross is present across France and its territories via an extensive network of delegations and institutions:

  • 900 local delegations
  • 95 departmental delegations
  • 13 territorial delegations
  • 18 regional delegations
  • 559 institutions (health, medico-social and training sectors)

Contact information

Address : 98 rue Didot
75694 Paris Cedex 14
Phone  : +33 1 44 43 11 00
Fax  : +33 1 44 43 11 01
E-Mail  : Page de contact

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