Information about the National Society

Founded: 1982

Recognition by the RC/RC Movement: 2005

Members: 6,600

Volunteers: 3,600

Salaried employees: 11

The national headquarters of the Comoros Red Crescent (CRCo) is in Moroni, and three regional branches are each located on Grande Comore, Anjouan and Moheli islands. The warehouse, built in 2013 with help from the French Development Agency, can store 80 tonnes of relief supplies.


CRCo is active in the areas of youth, first aid, health, the promotion of humanitarian values and principles, capacity building, water and sanitation (WatSan), disaster risk management, and the assessment of community-level vulnerabilities and capacities.
CRCo also encourages young people to engage in income-generating activities.

It provides several types of continuing education courses:

  • Community-based health training: educating communities about adopting hygiene measures to prevent epidemics (malaria and cholera control programme alongside the country’s health authorities)
  • Training to promote humanitarian values and principles
  • Training about water and sanitation (WatSan)
  • First aid training
  • Training in disaster preparedness and response: multidisciplinary at local and national level (NDRT, BDRT, CDRT etc.).

Priorities :

  • National Society capacity building
  • Improving the most vulnerable’s health
  • Disaster Risk Management
  • Information and dissemination of IHL , promotion of humanitarian principles and values

Contact information

Address: Avenue de la Ligue des États Arabes

BP 240 MORONI – Union of the Comoros

Phone: +269 730 664 //+269 733 516

E-mail: //



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