PIROI and its partner National Societies together manage 11 emergency warehouses in the south-west Indian Ocean, ensuring the priority needs of 45,000 people can be met in the event of a disaster. Such warehouse management requires highly accurate region-wide logistical coordination and monitoring of available supplies in order to facilitate emergency deployments.

Cooperation between National Societies’ logisticians, PIROI, and French Red Cross headquarters has led to implementation of a digital stock management tool now deployed in each of the region’s warehouses. Straightforward and simple to use, the software lets logisticians in the field keep track of available stock and monitor items from the moment they enter the warehouse until they are dispatched elsewhere. Regional coordination is improved, as stock in all eleven warehouses can be visualised and monitored using a common database, thereby guaranteeing product traceability and accountability to beneficiaries and funding agencies.

To ensure manageable software implementation for National Societies, PIROI has been offering support and training for logisticians at all storage sites.

Created with technical assistance from a team of programmers, the tool has been developed as part of the Indian Ocean Commission’s Resilience Building and Disaster Response Management regional programme, with financial support from the European Union

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