Following the latest field assessments, Malagasy Red Cross is building shelters and distributing basic necessities to help those affected by recent flooding.

Between 18th January and 3rd February 2016 north-west Madagascar was hit by heavy rain, which led to widespread flooding in the regions of Sofia, Diana and Betsiboaka. The official report established by the National Disaster Risk Management Office (BNGRC) confirmed 6 deaths and 11,342 victims as of 18th February.

Faced with this emergency Malagasy Red Cross responded quickly to help victims.

PIROI offered assistance to Madagascar’s National Society as part of a project funded by the French Embassy in Madagascar and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI). With this funding 500 families in the region of Sofia, identified as being highly vulnerable, have received assistance. To do so Malagasy Red Cross mobilised three of its prepositioned stocks, and each family received a shelter kit (tools and tarpaulins to build shelters), a cooking kit (with essential items for meal preparation) and a washing kit (pails, soap and other products to help access sanitation and safe drinking water).

As well as the kit distributions the Malagasy Red Cross also had its volunteers train victims in how to build a temporary shelter and raise awareness about hygiene.

It also continued its needs assessments, and in partnership with UNICEF, BNGRC and the Telma Foundation is currently working to implement a cash transfer programme for 1,600 families.