October 13, the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, was an opportunity to learn more about the 3 Oceans project!

Launched in 2019 by the French Red Cross with support from the French Development Agency (AFD), the 3 Oceans project helps reduce the impact of disasters related to natural hazards, health crises, and the effects of climate change in three oceanic regions: the Caribbean, south Pacific, and south-west Indian Ocean.

Raising awareness and preparing Small Island State communities

Natural hazards are one of the main factors destabilising ocean-region communities in the south-west Indian Ocean, Caribbean, and south Pacific. 3 Oceans project activities help raise awareness among local populations and authorities on how to reduce vulnerability and better prepare for risks.

Regional Intervention Platforms’ key role

Regional Intervention Platforms (RIPs) make emergency response more immediate and flexible because they are ideally positioned in their respective environments (each RIP operates in the geographical area that surrounds it).

  • PIROI (Indian Ocean): based in Reunion Island
  • PIRAC (Americas & Caribbean): based in Guadeloupe
  • South Pacific PIR: based in New Caledonia

Their actions include pre-positioning emergency kits and equipment, deploying teams, and training local Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteer response team members.

Building risk management capacities

Through the 3 Oceans project the French Red Cross also develops and coordinates strategies to strengthen the disaster preparedness of local and regional Red Cross and Red Crescent stakeholders. The actions undertaken focus on the different stages of the Disaster Risk Management cycle: anticipation, prevention, emergency response, and rehabilitation.

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