Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement stakeholders meet to review the season

In late May, PIROI/French Red Cross invited the region’s 6 National Societies (Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, Tanzania), as well as IFRC representatives (Indian Ocean Islands Cluster and Nairobi regional office) to Reunion Island to review emergency response carried out during the cyclone season that had recently ended.

This regional cooperation workshop provided an opportunity to learn from recent emergency response and to optimise preparations for next season.

The meteorologists’ point of view

During the 2022-2023 cyclone season, above-normal cyclonic activity was observed by the Météo France weather service and its Regional Specialised Meteorological Centre (RSMC). Although the number of systems recorded was well within the normal range, the season’s 9 cyclonic events were particularly noteworthy for their long life cycle and high maximum intensity.

In particular, the passage of Cyclone FREDDY had a major impact on inhabited land. Both Madagascar – which had already been impacted by Cyclone CHENESO – and Mozambique – weakened by floods and a cholera epidemic – were hit twice by FREDDY.

Heavy human and material losses on inhabited land


Malagasy Red Cross’s humanitarian response to Cyclones FREDDY and CHENESO

Malagasy Red Cross (MRC) volunteers remained engaged alongside vulnerable communities before, during, and after the impact of cyclones FREDDY and CHENESO. Various emergency relief work was carried out: awareness raising, evacuations, needs assessments, distribution of equipment and/or cash, etc.

In order to cope with the extent of humanitarian needs, Red Cross Movement partner members provided additional support. These included the IFRC as well as the German, Luxembourg, and French Red Crosses, the latter through its in-country delegation and PIROI.


Activation of Mozambique Red Cross’ emergency response system

In order to respond to the humanitarian needs arising from the double impacts of Cyclone FREDDY, as well as a cholera epidemic and flooding, Mozambique Red Cross (CVM) has been calling on to its volunteer network for several months.

Due to CVM’s rapid reaction, 15,000 people were made safer as a result of early warnings and actions taken before Cyclone FREDDY made landfall. Humanitarian response is still ongoing, in particular through equipment distribution, and with the support of IFRC, the French Red Cross/PIROI and other partner National Societies (Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Portugal and Argentina).


PIROI/French Red Cross’ operations benefited from the support of

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