The French Red Cross Foundation’s annual international conference was held this year on 1 and 2 July 2021 in Reunion Island on the theme “Humanitarian transition in the Indian Ocean”.

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Co-organised with PIROI, the Institute for Research and Development, and the University of Reunion Island, this innovative conference had a hybrid format – both in person and online – that helped bring together a wide range of stakeholders who work in the region (Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement stakeholders, humanitarian NGOs, multilateral agencies, local associations, public-private sector partnerships), as well as university researchers from complementary fields such as sociology, anthropology, political science, law, economics, and medicine.

Each of the conference’s six round tables provided an opportunity to discuss the ideas and practices of local, national and/or international stakeholders, aiming to better understand and anticipate the humanitarian transition currently underway in the small island states of the south-west Indian Ocean in relation to neighbouring continental countries:

  • What humanitarian transition for the Indian Ocean?

  • Organising regional cooperation: a humanitarian challenge

  • Is institutionalising disaster response a successful strategy?

  • Accessing healthcare and epidemic response: public health and community-based approach

  • How can communities achieve a sustainable risk culture? Limits and levers for action

  • Putting science at the service of humanitarian action: how to strengthen ties between scientific and operational stakeholders in the Indian Ocean