As part of the project “Capacity building for crisis response to COVID-19 in the Union of the Comoros”, hygiene kits as well as infection, prevention, and control (IPC) kits were recently donated to Grande Comore Regional Health Department (“DRS”) by the French Red Cross (FRC) and Comoros Red Crescent (CoRC), with the support of the French Development Agency (AFD). These kits were then distributed to all of the island’s health districts, following on from similar operations in Moheli and Anjouan, and thus ensuring nationwide coverage.

146 buckets, 1,106 rolls of garbage bags, 59 garbage cans, 40 aprons, 17 boxes of examination gloves, 32 bottles of sanitiser gel, 26 pairs of protective glasses, 45 overalls, 430 pairs of rubber gloves, 326 floorcloths, 8 wheelbarrows, 16 shovels, 8 brooms, and 24 floor squeegees are now ready to be transferred to the various districts as per the distribution programme drawn up by the DRS.

The DRS officially received this equipment – worth more than €7,500 – on 19 July 2022, in the presence of DRS coordinators, representatives from FRC and CoRC, the national IPC focal point, the national COVID-19 coordinator, and other stakeholders involved in response.

These supplies will be used to support frontline healthcare workers at risk of COVID-19 infection. They will help ensure that IPC procedures are respected, and reduce transmission at health centres.

This action, which has received backing from AFD since April 2020, has been implemented as part of a broader project that includes assistance for national community-based epidemiological surveillance (CBS), prevention to limit transmission, training on IPC, and assistance for vaccination campaigns.

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