Starting in June 2019, PIROI will launch the second phase of the project Inondation, nout kartié lé paré (‘Our district is ready in the event of flooding’) which aims to strengthen the resilience of flood-prone neighbourhoods on the island of Reunion.

This year-long project intends to raise awareness about flood risk among the most vulnerable local communities, and to improve stakeholders’ ability to provide preventive information.

To do this PIROI is preparing to create and implement various training programmes and outreach tools. People involved in prevention efforts (such as municipal employees and community mediators) as well as volunteer facilitators will be trained in facilitation techniques and the use of training material,  so that they will be able to conduct flood risk education and awareness activities.

The sessions will be held in the areas most at risk of flooding. In order to fully engage the inhabitants of these districts, outreach will be carried out in the actual neighbourhoods. Fun and innovative activities will also be on offer during public events for anyone wishing to learn more about flood risks, and to be better prepared for it.

In addition outreach will be organised in schools in much the same way as the Paré pas Paré project that PIROI has been running on the island since 2011.

The flood preparedness project also intends to develop the capacity of local government employees to provide preventive information on the risk of flooding.

In total PIROI plans to educate at least 1,000 people (500 locals and 500 schoolchildren), and to train 50 people (municipal employees, vulnerable local residents, and all those involved in prevention).

The Inondation, nout kartié lé paré project is backed by the French Directorate for Environment, Planning Development and Housing (DEAL).