From 26th to 29th April 2017 PIROI held the first regional training course on Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) in partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Disasters affect each individual differently, and in some cases traditional emergency assistance (tents, blankets, kitchen utensils, etc.) does not meet the priority needs of those affected. Humanitarian response is deliberately homogeneous and increasingly standardised for reasons of equality, and can sometimes become less effective or lead to the dependence of vulnerable communities. The recovery of the local economy is also a key factor in the rehabilitation of disaster-affected areas. In some instances, it may be undermined by a huge influx of humanitarian supplies imported from abroad.

Thus, in order to better assist local populations and based on new technology available, an increasing number of Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies choose CTP as alternatives or supplements to traditional humanitarian aid. Such programmes consist of supporting disaster-stricken communities by transferring sums of money or ‘commercial instruments’ such as vouchers, coupons or envelopes. In this way, recipients become active players in their own recoverywhile contributing to the reconstruction of the local economy.

The first regional training course in cash transfer programming was held in Saint-Denis, Reunion Island, with PIROI-member National Societies (Malagasy Red Cross, Mauritius Red Cross, Seychelles Red Cross, Mozambique Red Cross, Comoros Red Crescent, French Red Cross, and Tanzania Red Cross). It aimed to introduce participants to the proper use of Cash Transfer Programming, and toimprove their skills in assessing, creating, and implementing this type of response.

This first edition is part of the PIROI’s activities as it develops towards the Regional centre for expertise, training and innovation dedicated to disaster management: the future PIROI Center.

Slide show of the training :