Fighting inequalities for a resilient future

Every year on October 13, the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) is held to highlight how people around the world are reducing their exposure to natural hazards. This year’s theme concerns the reciprocal relationship between disasters and inequalities. Each adverse situation reinforces the other: unequal access to services exposes the most vulnerable to the danger of disasters, while the effects of disasters exacerbate inequalities and plunge those most at risk further into poverty.

Mobilization of national Red Cross / Red Crescent Societies

Throughout the year, Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies work to reduce the risk of disasters for the most vulnerable communities. To mark International DRR Day, volunteers in the region are particularly active in implementing a wide range of prevention and mitigation activities :

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In the Union of the Comoros

Over the course of the week, Comorian Red Crescent volunteers are traveling to the south of Grande Comore to conduct vulnerability and capacity assessment workshops in six communities. The aim is to support them in reducing the risks to which they are exposed.

In the south of the island, volunteers are working with the local population on a participatory reforestation operation in areas vulnerable to climatic hazards.

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In Madagascar

A team from the Malagasy Red Cross is currently in Tamatave to carry out community workshops to assess vulnerabilities and capacities. These actions will help to analyze and prioritize the actions to be implemented to protect communities from the most frequent hazards.

From October 17 to 19, the Malagasy Red Cross, IFRC and the National Risk and Disaster Management Office are organizing a workshop dedicated to disaster law and lessons learned from the 2022-2023 cyclone season.

In Mauritius

As part of the official ceremony organized by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Centre (NDRRMC), the Mauritius Red Cross is pleased to present a brand new prevention tool. The Catabuzz public awareness game lets players test their knowledge by using a buzzer to answer quizzes on the natural hazards present in Mauritius.

National Society volunteers are also mobilized in public places to raise awareness of natural hazards among passers-by.

In the Seychelles

The National Society is taking part in an event organized in collaboration with the Disaster Risk Management Division and the Ministry of Local Government. The event includes first-aid training and stands to raise awareness of natural hazards.

In Mayotte

As part of International DRR Day, the French Red Cross in Mayotte joined forces with UDAF (Departmental Union of Family Associations) to set up prevention activities for families in Mtsamboro in northern Mayotte.

On Reunion Island

As part of the national day “All resilient in the face of risk”, the resilience prize for the 2022 edition was awarded today by the Prefect of La Réunion to the Paré pas Paré project. The prize was awarded for awareness-raising activities in schools, implemented jointly by the Rectorat and PIROI.

This year, a number of prevention initiatives are once again taking place, each targeting a specific audience, including people with disabilities, isolated populations in the Mafate sector, and participants and spectators at the Grand-Raid, Réunion’s famous ultra-trail race. Training courses on life-saving techniques in flooded environments will also be organized during the month of October.

On October 12 and 13, PIROI will be taking part in the regional conference on natural hazards organized in Reunion Island by the Prefecture. This event brings together the region’s key players: risk management professionals and experts, government representatives, researchers and civil protection officials.

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