Malagasy Red Cross


Average annual risk occurrence (1900-2018)

  • Storms 70% 70%
  • Drought 15% 15%
  • Flooding 10% 10%
  • Epidemics 12% 12%
  • Insect invasion 5% 5%
Population : 25.6 million (2017)
Area : 587, 295 km2
HDI : 0.52
Life expectancy : 65.9 years
Fertility rate : 4.18 cildren/woman

Ranked as one of the world’s poorest countries, Madagascar suffers from multi-faceted vulnerability, aggravated by a high degree of exposure to climate risks. Specifically, the country is the most exposed in Africa to tropical cyclones, which regularly cause severe flooding and generate property damage as well as significant economic losses.

The natural and environmental risks occurring in Madagascar are mainly cyclones and the ensuing floods during rainy season (November to March). In addition, poor management of land use planning, particularly in urban areas, and widespread deforestation in rural areas are two other causes that can explain the frequency of flooding in the country. The central plateaux area is less affected by these risks than the coastal regions. In the far south, Madagascar is exposed to drought (high temperatures, low rainfall, strong winds). This type of climate prevents agricultural diversification.

Malagasy Red Cross

General information

Created : 1915

People : 

– Ms Alice RALISOA, President

– Ms Andoniaina RATSIMAMANGA, Secretary General

Number of volunteers : 14,300

The national headquarters of the Malagasy Red Cross are in Antananarivo. The 22 branches are located in the country’s 22 provincial capitals.

First aid

Leader in first aid training for the general public, Malagasy Red Cross also sets the standard for professional first aid training.

Community healthcare

  • Controlling tuberculosis

  • Controlling malaria

  • Reproductive health and psychosocial support

  • Community health and nautical safety project

Disaster Risk Management (DRM)

  • Disaster risk reduction

  • Emergency operations

  • Reconstruction and rehabilitation

  • Training a national disaster response team (NDRT)

Promoting humanitarian values and principles

As a long-standing advocate for humanitarian law, the Malagasy Red Cross monitors its protection and dissemination in political and legal spheres, as well as to the general public.

FRC-PIROI presence in Madagascar

Since PIROI was founded the FRC has established a close relationship with Madagascar Red Cross. A permanent FRC delegation was based in Madagascar until 2012. Projects covering WatSan, food security, DRR, and first aid were all carried out.

In addition to specific bilateral projects to strengthen Malagasy RC’s DRM or logistics capacities, PIROI also closely tracks any potential disaster risk management requirements and financing opportunities in the country.

Since 2019, PIROI has been assisting with a new project to strengthen disaster preparedness and response capacities. Contingency plan development and simulation exercises are also currently underway on the island nation.

Actions carried out in Madagascar :

projets in the territory

emergency operations

Latest emergency operations

 COVID-19 Epidemics




The PIROI is working with the Malagasy Red Cross to implement activities in response to the epidemic, in coordination with the IFRC.

 DIANE storm



BELNA storm



Fight against the plague



ENAWO Cyclone