Climate change is already having a visible impact on small islands states, as was recently demonstrated by cyclones . Given this state of affairs, the French Red Cross (FRC) – via PIROI and the Comoros Red Crescent (CoRC) – have launched a project to strengthen the resilience and disaster preparedness capacities of local populations in Mayotte and the Union of the Comoros.

Through education, disaster preparedness, and mitigation at community level, this three-year project aims to reduce local populations’ vulnerability to natural risks.

With this goal in mind, several initiatives will be undertaken in Mayotte and the Comoros:

  • Raising children’s awareness: following the example of Reunion’s Paré pas Paré project, outreach resources will be developed and disseminated in schools, extracurricular events will be organised, and teachers as well as Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers will be trained in educating about the risks and consequences of climate change.
  • Raising public awareness: volunteers will be trained in first aid, natural risks, and the consequences of climate change; a public outreach campaign will be organised; specific communities will receive help in drafting their action and contingency plans once a VCA evaluation has been carried out, etc.
  • Red Cross and Red Crescent preparedness and response capacity building: the Mayotte Territorial Delegation and Comoros Red Crescent will receive assistance in implementing and updating a contingency plan that will be integrated into the ORSEC (Civil Security Response Organisation) system; disaster response teams will be trained in crisis management; emergency relief supplies will be pre-positioned and stocked.
  • Project monitoring, assessment and capitalisation: an impact assessment will be carried out in Mayotte and Comoros to pinpoint any recommendations for extending activities; capitalisation tools will be developed and disseminated to project partners.


This project was made possible thanks to financial support from the European Union (INTERREG), the French Development Agency (AFD), the Departmental Council of Mayotte, and the Prefecture of Mayotte.